Date: 05/13/2021
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826 Roasted Blue Corn Meal

Roasted Blue Corn Meal

A whole grain that is roasted before milling and is interchangable, in recipes, with any other corn meal. Because of its enhanced flavor, we use roasted meal in our Pancake Mix and in our Muffin and Cornbread Mix. A popular use of roasted cornmeal is to make atole, one of oldest traditional Pueblo foods of the Indian Nations. Atole is made by mixing this roasted meal with water or milk. Some add sugar, some add salt before heating, for a delicious and nutritious drink. The corn meal can also be mixed to a thicker consistency and cooked to make a corn meal porridge. Additional ingredients can be added to these mixtures according to taste cinnamon, honey, raisins, sugar, salt or a little imagination can make a tasty and exciting traditional meal. Pueblo cooks prefer to use this roasted corn meal over unroasted cornmeal in their favorite recipes because of the richer flavor. 1lb.

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